Matchstick DIY Project Ideas!

Matchstick DIY Project Ideas!

Whether filling a need, or creating trinkets as a weekend hobby, DIY projects can be fun and gratifying! Check out these 5 adorable, creative ideas using matchsticks to help "light" your creativity.

1. Mini matchstick arrows

Mini matchstick arrows

These adorable little arrows are a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Whether you use them as decor hanging around the room on fishing line like Cupid is shooting arrows at all your visitors, or as trinkets attached to the Valentines you made for all your loved ones, people will love the detail that goes into something so tiny.

2. Matchstick Jars

Matchstick jar favour

Wedding and party favors can be hard to think of, but I find that people are very into the idea of miniatures right now. Whether it’s something they’ll use, eat, or wear, tiny versions of things are just very trendy right now!

People can always use matches in an emergency and this look adorable in this little corked jar. Just remember to adhere a strip of the striker paper to the side, top or bottom so people can actually light the matches!

** Think red & green matches for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, etc.

3. Ornate Matchstick Star

Ornate matchstick star

A perfect project for the puzzle lover, family, or a rainy weekend! In this example the matches have been pre-lit to display a rustic feel. This could easily be done with various color combinations of match tips, and you could add flair by utilizing various sized matchsticks.

4. Mini Matchstick House

Mini matchstick house

This adorable little matchstick house takes time and effort but the final product is impressive and unique. Again, you may consider different color tipped matches and sizes to add some additional dimension.

5. Matchstick Coasters

Matchstick coasters

This project is unique and has a functional yet aesthetic appeal! You could create any pattern you like by burning partial or whole matches.

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