DIY Matchstick Jar Ideas

DIY Matchstick Jar Ideas

Matches Jars can be a great addition to any candle display, coffee table centerpiece, or as party and wedding favors. Here we will show you some great examples to spark your creativity! 

Choose a Style of Jar

From cork tops to hourglass shapes, find a jar that matches your decor on or other online retailer. Craft stores such as Michael's or Hobby Lobby are great places to search as well. Hint - sometimes you may find what you're looking for by searching for "spice jar" or "mason jar".





Choose Your Matches

When selecting your matches, be sure to consider the inside dimensions of the bottle you select. You want to have your matches long enough to fill the bottle, but not so long that they will clog at the top when removing them from the container. The correct size match for the bottle will also allow you to fit the most number of matches per bottle without clogging when removing matchesJar of Matches - Etsy UK

Label Options

Many do it yourself matches jars don't use labels, and look great! However, if you want to add a custom design or text such as names or inspirational quotes, you may consider purchasing labels. Printable blank labels can be purchased from or other retailers.

Skeem Match Jar | AnthroLiving

Add a Striker

Don't forget the striker! You do after all want to be able to light the matches. Adhesive striker paper can be purchase in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be trimmed into just about any shape or size that you choose. Just a reminder that safety matches need to be struck on a phosphorous pad in order to ignite, friction alone or sandpaper will not do the trick! Decorative Matches, Long Matches for Candles in Apothecary  Glass Jar, Matches Long Wooden, Safety Matches, Wooden Matches, Long Stick  Matches, Fluorescent Orange | Set of 80 Matchsticks : Health & Household

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